Marcin Wądołowski - gitarzysta
  • I highly recommend the record ‘Git Majonez’!
    #Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski

  • (…) one of the most brilliant and tallented polish guitarists recently
    #Muzyczna Gazeta 2016/4 (

  • Here is a true dream team of tri-city jazz (…)
    #Stanisław Danielewicz about the “Blue Night Session” album, Jazz Forum 4-5/2014

  • Marcin Wądołowski is one of the best non-metal guitarists in tricity. /Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot region
    #TopGuitar 06/2014

  • Polish jazz is undergoing great changes in the recent years. A new generation […] of musicians, who are not only exquisite in terms of technique, but also great when it comes to improvisation. […] Among those artists there is a composer, a guitar virtuoso, named Marcin Wądołowski.
    #Przemek Dyakowski 06/2016